A Decade of Music: An Intro

Since a decade is soon over, I'm gonna make a list from each year, with albums that have gripped, changed and meant a lot to me. This is not necessarily music I listen to now-a-days, or bands that means alot to me, but music that has in some way been a part of my life, and that has been important in some way. I will have to mention that this is music that goes back to me beeing 10 years old, so this is music that has followed me through... well:
a decade.

an old picture

...and maybe I will make some for other decades as well



I recieved a challenge some weeks ago by this girl. I'm not a big fan of those challanges that runs around here in the bloggingworld, but this one gave me the excuse to write about someone I love. The challenge was "Family is important - write about someone in your family." I could write about the whole lot of them, from my caring and sweet father to my loving and somewhat nervous mother, from my grandparents which I hold so dearly to my funny and generous uncle and his sweet partner, from my one-of-a-kind boyfriend to the rest of my special family. Anyway, this time I'm writing about the person I look to as my best friend: my sister!

It will be an understatement to say that my sister and I were fighting when we were kids. We did not only fight, but I can surely say that we had our own war going on, and each day we tried to kill eachother. Ok, I may exaggerate abit, but just a tiny bit. It all came out of jelousy I guess. It started with my sisters jealousy of sharing our parents love with a small brat like me (like most children), and this all began the day I was born. My sister got ill and puked (ok, maybe she was sick, or maybe she was nervous), and at my baptism she tried to be the centre of attention. Despite all that, I think she secretly loved me.

When I got older, I became the annoying one. I was jealous of my sister and her friends, and I desperatly wanted to play with them. Many times I did. I remember playing all sorts of games, and I remember a weird sort of game I always wanted to play with my sister. I loved it when we played superman and she made me fly, or we would play bombs and just jump down from a chair(!), or I wanted my sister to play a snake (do you remember more of those small games, sister?) We also played more morbid games like bury eachother beneath pillows and such, and then quickly burry eachother up again, or trying to bring eachother "back to life" by giving each other mouth to mouth (we were kids). Even though we fought alot, I've got so many wonderfull memories from our childhood together, like Friday night when we came home from our choirepractise, watched "Disney-dags" and ate "Kinderegg", or the normal Saturdays when we ate our regular hamburger, watched 'Allo 'Allo and draged all our beddings out on the floor infront of the TV, or all the lovely summers out at our cabin and all the times we slept at our grandparent places, sleeping in our grandmothers bed with our yellow silk pyjamas.

My sister has from those days on, been the most important person in my life. She is the one I can always count on and call if I'm having a difficult time. I even remember her driving home from somthing one night just to compfort me, she lay beside me until I fell alseep. We often slept at eachothers room even though we got older, and I guess I would still do it if we lived at the same place. I love the fact that we are so alike these days, our intrests, our humour and also in many ways our personality.

Beside being a wonderfull support in my life, she is also the brightest, the wisest and the most beautifull person in the world. She is a person I admire, and I am awfully proud to be her sister. I also want to mention that I'm so happy she has found herself the man she has, and I really admire the relationship they have.

I can't wait to see you both in a few weeks time!

(please let me know if you want me to delete the pictures)


one big happy family

Homer, Sapfo, Pindar, Æsop, Sofokles, Aristofanes, Platon, Aristoteles, Theokrit, Cicero, Catull, Vergil, Horats, Ovid, Plinius, Quintillian, Lukas, Chrétien de Troyes, Vogelweide, Beatrice de Die, Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarca, Chaucer, Villon, Luther, Labé, Montaigne, Cervantes, Sidney, Shakespeare, Ronsard, Bacon, Donne, Milton, Dass, Molière, de Sévigné, Racine, Engelbretsdatter, Boileau, de la Cruz og Johnson.

These people are my family, friends and enemies these days. You can't choose you're family, so I will just have to stick with them through these hard times. I'm throwing them away for a new family next year though, but please don't tell them. They will be so annoyed with me, and ruin my exam on Thursday. I do learn alot from them though, it's just that they are abit "to much" from time to time

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