The first (and easiest) exam is over, and I'm one step closer to Christmas. I'm halfway through the gift shopping, and I've already wrapped some of the presents. I love being creative with the wrapping paper, and to decorate them with all kinds of decoration. I'm posting some pictures when all of the presents are wrapped. Normally I make some gifts as well, but I don't think I've got the time for it this year. I've have two days off between the final exam and christmas eve, so the days have to be spent wisely. I can't wait to start reading some lovely books (other than school books) and to watch old movies again. And ofcourse I will be watching some christmas movies as well:
- It's a Wonderfull life (1946)

- Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
- White Christmas (1954)
- Love Actually (2003)

Some other suggestions would be most welcome


TV Costumes

Boardwalk Empire
pt 2

Costume designer: John A Dunn
Even more stills from the series.
I've posted from episode 1-4 earlier.
This time it's from episode 5-7
(better quality in full scale)


Buys from London

Terrible pictures, but here they are anyway.

Five dresses from Dorothy Perkins' Closet collection and one jacket from Topshop
(yes, my head is gone)

Celtic Lore & Legend + Vintage fashion

Paper dolls and an advent calendar from a store in Coven Garden
(can't remember the name, but they sold old fashioned toys)

I also bought some gifts for my family and makeup for myself


I know, I know, I know. I've been terrible keeping this blog going, and it's not getting better: my exams are coming up, so I'm reading all day long. On Sunday, I will try to take some pictures of the stuff I bought in London, but I'm reading all day long and when the evening comes, the natural light is all gone.

In some other news: I've bought myself some airplugs, and that hopefully means: a good night sleep!


Retro inspired editorials #3

Pictures of the things I've bought in London will be posted later.
In the meanwhile, here are some lovely pictures:

Dita Von Teese for C Magazine
(march 2007)


As some of you already know, I'm going to London tomorrow. Since I will only stay there for one and a half day, I've got some limited time to visit all the places I want to. I'm going to spend some money and do some christmas shopping, so I'm sticking to the places I know. These are the essentials:

Govent Garden market and Jubilee market
Spittalfields market and Brick Lane (Absolute Vintage)
Peter Rabbit and Friends:

christmas gifts for my nephew
clothes for me. I love the ground floor!
more christmas gifts for my nephew
only a short stop to look for a gift for my mother

books for me and maybe some gifts
Beyond Retro:
more clothes for me
Vivien of Holloway:
... and even more clothes for me



Yesterday, we celebrated sweet little William. He is my 5month-year old newphew and yesterday he had his "navnfest" (translated directly: name party). I'm not sure if it has an English name, but it's like a non-religious baptism; a humanistic celebration of the child and the giving of his name.

with his parents

the happiest and most charming kid in the world

... and he loves his mommy

the boy, myself and the little boy

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