I want this for my wardwobe:

- a jumpsuite (40s, shortlegged)
- blouses (in light materials, colors)
- a soft pencilskirt
- 30s shirt
- 30s/40s camp shorts
- 50s ski jacket
- some nice brooches
- cashmere cardigan/sweater
- some vintage evening dresses

some pictures for inspiration:

all clothes from Ballyhoo and Cats Pajamas


An entry about a verry uneventfull evening

I'm not used to writing entries about my life or what I'm doing, but this have been a verry uneventfull day. So uneventfull that I want to write about it. Ok ok, its odd that I'm actually writing about my life when nothing is actually happening, instead of writing about it when some stuff do happen. So, I've been trying to write my part of a group essay, but that did not go very well. (I did write some facts down though, so I know exactly what I do want to write). Anyway; since I could not bother do be productive, I went out to by myself some magazine; "Harper's Bazar" and "The World of Interiors: Decoration Special". I dont like spending money on magazines these days, because usually I just look through them, then throw them away, and to be perfectly honest; thats a waste of money. I should be more carefull with my money now that I am a poor student, but it was 25% off on these magazines, so it wasn't all bad. Pluss; I kind off feel bad about reading anything thats not schoolwork. Anyway, gonna spend the evening (or night, since its already 12 o'clock) reading magazines and watching House. Work tomorrow!



I need a change, so I'm thinking about coloring my hair like this...

...but right now my hair is blonde and bob lenght...
...so I'm thinking about trying blonde, long hair before I color it.

What do you think?

Yum! Part 2: Desserts

Yoghurt with honey and nuts


Cheesecake with strawberries

Oak Tree Cottage Lemon Slice

Kiwi Trifle

White chocolate- and limeparfait


All pictures taken from matprat.no (and for all of you norwegians; check out the recipes there)


Subjects and books of inspiration #1

I love reading books about all kinds of subject; from vintage fashion to world history, from architecture to silent movies. The subjects that are dearest to me are; history, mythology, litterature, burlesque, anything French, retro and vintage fashion, baroque, photography, modification, celtic tradiotion, old movies, interior, underwear, 20s-40s, or any combination of these subjects. Any tip of good books about these subject (or anything else intresting), are appreciated on the highest! When I look for inspiration, I take a look at these books:


Music for the mind, body and soul #1


I started to listen to this artist in...

...2001, when I borrowed the Strange Little Girls album from the library

The first song I heard was…

...New Age from Strange Little Girls

I saw the artist live...

...for the first time in Sweden (Hultsfred) in 2005, then two times in Norway; in 2007 and 2009.

My three favourite albums are…

...Little Earthquakes, Strange Little Girl, American Doll Posse

The three songs I’ve listened to the most are…

...Playboy Mommy, A Sorta Fairytale, Real Men

At the moment, my three favourite songs are…
...Beauty of Speed, Baker Baker, Give
The feelings the music provokes...
...anger, sensuality, femininity, vulnerability



So here is my new room:



As I’ve already said; I’ve just moved to an appartment. This is the first time I’ve moved from my parents and the house were I grew up, and its (almost) the first time I’ve done those things I’ve always taken for granted: cleaning the appartment, washing clothes and cooking my own dinner. It’s actually been going perfectly well. When it comes to food, I come from a family were we do not eat anything out of the ordinary. That means; pasta each Monday, sausages each Tuesday, fish each Wednesday, etc. So I said to myself that when I moved out I would try not to get stuck in those same routines. That does not mean that I have to make completly different courses each week; even the small differences makes the food more excotic.

So this is what I made yesterday and today, and what I want to make tomorrow:

Yesterday: Chicken filet in homemade marinade, with pasta in melted cheese and a salad.

Today: Chicken filet in homemade marinade, with fried rice and vegetables

Tomorrow: Burned Love: homemade mashed potatoes with cheese, garlic chives, sausagebits and champignons

And here are some pictures for inspiration:

(all taken from the Norwegian site matprat.no)

Burned Love:

homemade mashed potatoes with cheese, garlic chives, sausagebits and champignons


pork, mushrooms, pine-apple, paprika with nuts, bananas and cucumber on the side


with bacon and ham


with pork


with garlic, butter and thyme

Hot Curry


with Kiwi and Papaya


With pork, paprika, squash etc

Cremed fishsoup

with salmon, cod, carrot, etc

Mouton à la Bourguignonne

Mutton, bacon, champignon, etc in red wine


with pork and crayfishtales


Spanish omelet

I will show you some tasty desserts anothertime
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