5 movies that make me cry
(over and over again)

It is a known fact that I cry easily, over a thought, over a book, a movie, or even a song.
These movies have not only made me cry, but they have left me with a special feeling. You know that kind of feeling that stays with you for a long time, that hides behind you bones and that sometimes sneak out and either gives you a sick-to-your-stomach-feeling or that bittersweet feeling that makes you happy and sad at the same time? Well, I do hope you have felt it, because it makes you feel alive. I guess most of you have seen these movies, and if you're not, well, let me say that you are in for a treat.


7 girly books you should read this summer:

One timetraveler, several deaths and murders, headstrong women,
one serial killer, one suicide, magic, war, drama and lots of love

My favorite album at the moment.
It's perfection - melancholic and nostalgic texts, but summery tunes.
His voice reminds me of a lighter version of a young Dylan.

I could roll you to hell
I could swim from your heavens
I could drive you so safe
I could walk you to here
Let us float in the tears
Let us cry from the laughters
When it's not for some sake
And the city's not near


I got an exam in two days. It's the last exam before the summer holiday, and also the most difficult one. I try to read, but I'm too busy thinking about all the books I want to read this summer. You see, the summer is the only time of the year where I can read other book than the books from the curriculum. Believe me, I love the fact that I get to read some wonderful litterature at school, but it's something special to read books in the summer, when you have nothing else to think about than the pages you're holding between your hands... Actually, the thought gives me butterflies.


I desperatly want a bell tent, a yurt or some other cozy tent...

pictures: weheartit.com and belltent.co.uk
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