I want my dream house to be like...

Over the last years I've been dreaming more and more of getting my own house and decorating it my own way. I've just moved into an appartment, but decorating a small bedroom is not the same as decorating a whole house. I don't need a big house, but maybe a small house on the English countryside (or just a big appartment in Paris). If I ever get a place like that, there will be one big problem? how will I decorate it? I want to go with one style, but there is so many styles I like:

Art Nouveau

Victorian Mansion
(Atonement style)


French Parisian/country
(shabby, rustic, vintage)

English country/cottage
(in many ways the same as the one above, but abit warmer)

I will introduce every style for you in some other entries, and maybe you can give me some good advice of wh
ich interior I should use in my future dream house.

ps1: bare in mind that some of the styles are abit vague and can be abit different from the therm that I'm using

ps2: the picture I've used are mainly taken from different webpages I've found on google, so I'm not sure about the link. Anyway; if the picture is yours and you dont want me to post it here; just let me know and I will remove it : )
Some of the pictures I've found on:


I'm not dead...yet

Ok ok, I've been bloody terrible at writing something new at this place. I've been busy thinking about all the stuff I should have done that I've practically have done nothing that I should have been doing. I've been living in Oslo the last two weeks, and this will be my home for some years (at the least) and I have started at UIO-Literature studies (which will be my home for at least three years). I will try to get some pictures of my newly decorated room, but I have no idea how to get the pics from my camera to my computer, at the moment.

So, here are some pictures I've already got on my computer; the pics from Paris:

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