The perfect score...

I'm making a summary of books, movies and tv-series read and watched in 2011. It takes a while, and even though I don't think it's any interest of yours, it is a great way for me to keep track of the year (and an excuse to make a list, which must be one of my favorite pastimes!)

In the meantime, I would like to start posting some of my favorite soundtracks. I'm a huge fan of composed soundtracks, both in movies and tv-series, and I especially love hearing instruments like the violin, cello, piano, harp and bagpipes in music. I would love to reccommend some records and composers for you, and I'm going to start this series with a list of some of my favorite music composed for tv-series. This does not necessarily include a series' theme song/opening credits or all my favorite series (if you would like to hear and see more of that, you can take a look at the list a made of tv-series here, here and here, a list I would like to continue some other day)


Jeff Beal ~ Carnivale

Trevor Morris ~ the Pillars of the Earth

Trevor Moris ~ The Borgias

Trevor Morris ~ The Tudors

Martin Phipps ~ The Virgin Queen
(with Mediaeval Baebes)

David Arnold ~ Sherlock

John Lunn and Don Black ~ Downton Abbey

Rob Lane ~ John Adams

Michael Kamen ~ Band of Brothers

Ramin Djawadi ~ Game of Thrones

(Oh, and I do have to add that I really like the score for Hell on Wheels, but I just could not find it anywhere)

Are there any of these you particularly like?
Do you have any recommendations of music composed for tv-series?


Happy new year, lovelies! I hope you all had a nice christmas and new years eve. I've had a lovely time with my family and old friends, read some good books and played zelda. Look at all the beautifull books I received this christmas:

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