Today I feel like dancing, singing and generally be Ruby Keeler in 42nd Street


I've had a summer vacation for seven weeks now, and it feels like it's only been two weeks since I finished my last exam for the second semester. The summer goes by so quick and I've only got 5 weeks left, and I guess I have to work at least 15 days of those weeks. That means I have to stay in Oslo most of the time.

I love my work, but I wish I could spend the summer doing nothing. That would make the summer feel endless, and I wouldn't feel like I'm missing one day of the summer when the weather is bad. I love the norwegian summer, but lets face it: most of the days consist of clouds and rain. I would like to feel that the summer was as long as the winter, and that eventually I would get tired of it and wait for the fall to arrive.

You know those summer days you had when you were a child? those summer days that felt so long, to the pont that you actually got abit bored. I would like that. I would like to spend all my days outdoors (even if it rains), just reading and dozing off. Spend all my days at my cabin and the little country place where I grew up (my real home). Where all you hear is the water, the wind blowing in the trees, some boats sailing by, the birds singing and the insects making those little busy noises that they make. Because honestly, the noise from cars and people who are busy is not what I want to hear in the summer...

... and guess what?
Just as I wrote this, the sun came out and I can finaly spend my last day at home reading books in the sun, eating watermelon and breakfast at four o'clock in the afternoon.

This is Edith Piaf. I just adore her. She was this marvellous Parisian woman who had such a wonderfully tragic life.
She was married 3 times & each husband died in mysterious circumstances.
The last one was a boxing champion and she killed him with a fork.
She didn't even go to prison because in France crimes of passion are forgiven.

- If you leave me, I'll kill you.
- If you leave me, I'll kill you... and then I'll kill myself.

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