MAC and cruelty free products

I have just been informed by the lovely Akira that the brand MAC is no longer producing cruelty free products, and I just wanted to share the information with you guys. I for one was very dissapointed. I have tried to keep my cosmetic and beauty products cruelty free and have been a happy customer of MAC products for a long time. It now seems like MAC has to test their products on animals in order to sell their products in China, a country that requires animal testing for their products (correct me if I'm wrong). Although I will finish the products I already have (becuase throwing away already bought products will neither help the animals nor the environment), but until MAC desides to go back to their original roots, I will have to find other cosmetical brands that produce cruelty free products. Every tip is a much welcomed one!

On a much similar note, I had to fill up my stock on iherb products today (since some of the products I bought last fall has been emptied since then). All of the products I bought are organic, cuelty free and vegan friendly. I would highly recommend both of these brands, Aubrey Organics and Avalon Organics.


Is there anybody out there?

It feels like ages since I've been on this blog. Are some of my followers still out there somewhere? I have had several half-written entries ready, but have never managed to finish writing them. I have just not been up to it. What I would like to share is the new member of my little tattoo family. Say 'hallo' to Sailor Cat: 

And while I'm at it, I thought I could show you some other members as well
(Yes, not all of these pictures are good, but you get the general idea of how it looks)
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