...Breathe life into this feeble heart

No other music has touched my the same way as celtic or celtic inspired music has. No other music makes me dream the sweetest of dreams, makes me wanna go and live in far off places, makes me wanna dance around the fires at Beltane, makes me wanna cry, laugh, draw, write, read, and makes me wanne play some foreign musical instrument, the same way as this kind of music. It lightens my heart a little, when I get the chance to play this kind of music in the record store I work in, and lightens my heart even more when some people want to buy it. If you don't feel a thing while listening to it, I feel abit sorry for you, but not because I don't understand different music tastes, only because you really miss a magical journey to a almost forgotten history and to far off places.

It all began when I started to listen to alot of different moviescores around the time the Lord of the Rings movies came to the cinema. It soon opened my eyes to celtic music, and I started it all by buying the Celtic Cirle cd's. From that time on, the celtic music has been a part of me ever since. You can't really talk about this kind of music without mentioning Lorrena McKennitt. So the rest of this entry I will dedicate to some good McKennitt songs. Even if this is not your cup of tea, I still recommend you take a look and also listen to the amazing stories.
[most of these videoes are taken from her live dvd "Nights from the Alhambra"]

Stolen Child [words by W.B.Yeats]

Huron "Beltane" the Fire Dance

Old Ways

Cymbeline [words by William Shakespeare]

The Bonny Swans [words traditional]

Dickens Dublin


The Highwayman [words by Alfred Noyes]

Dante's Prayer

Penelope's Song

Lullaby [words by William Blake]


...and then the winter is here

As the wheel of days turns into darkness,
it reveals the light and hope of spring

I do like the winter and christmas, I promise, but some part of me will always look forward to spring. The Christmas time is best spent inside looking out at the white snow that lights up the dark winter, with warm chocolate, something good to read and some nice music (I recommend the christmas albums of Loreena McKenitt, if you prefer the more traditional celitc sound). This year I will probably spend all my time working, but the rest of the time I will try to get myself into that good old christmas spirit. I'm planning on making christmas bonbons, and I have already started making the christmas cards. What are your plans for the christmas? and do you have some good tips that will make me all warm of that good christmas feeling?


The Best of Week 45: LONDON!

I know this is abit late, but I haven’t boddered writing about the trip or write the “best of” list yet because of illnes, to much House M.D watching and SNES playing. So what can be better than writing it as one entry? (since I havent really experienced anything else besides London that’s worth putting on the list).

Place of the week:
Well, there is no suprise here. Its obviously London. But what did I do in London? And what kind of lovely places did I see?

First of all I traveled straight from work on Wednesday and met up with my friend Christina in Oslo. We took the buss to Torp airport where we took the 10.30 p.m flight to Stansted. Of course did my boots set the security thing off at Torp..aaand they had to loook through my bag. Apparantly they had seen something suspissios on the screen. I actually heard them talk about my cds, but what the hell can I use them for? Maybe use them as Popeman uses his Jesusdiscs (if you haven’t seen enough Izzard, you can just skip that comment). Anyways, we did arrive in London pretty late at night, but the Hotel kept it’s doors open for us. We slept at Hotel Linden House (or the brothel house as we call it), which was actually pretty nice even though we had to walk up some hell of some stairs to get to our room. On the first day we went to Covent Garden, which is one of the loveliest and coziest places in London. Their we did some shopping at the Lush store, the MAC store and some vintage boutique. The Lush store was really really a lovely place to be. The smells and all the things you could look at and try, and not to forget all the nice people who worked there. They really made us feel welcome. After our little trip to Covent Garden, we took the undergroung back to Harrods and Oxford Street to have a small look. Even though you rarely have enough money to buy the stuff at Harrods it’s perfect to get ourself in a christmas mood. In the evening we went back to Covent Garden and watched the play; “The Woman in Black” (which I will write more about later)

At Friday we went straight over the River Thames to vissit the London Dungeon. I rarely find these things creepy, but I must admit it was abit creepy walking in the dark and knowing that something would probably pop up and scare you. Anyways, we were pretty certain that one of the characters playing the judge there now where David Walliams from Little Brittain (which I found out is rumoured to play Dr.Frank-N-Furter in a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hurah!). It was lots of fun. Afterwards we took a trip into the Christmas Shop near by (which is a sweet little shop filled with christmas goodies) and took a walk over Tower Bridge to take the underground to Spitalfields and Brick Lane. There we had a lovely meal at some place called Giraffe-something and had a little shopping spree at the marked. We got back to Paddington (near our Hotel) later and ate at the Garfunkels and took a pretty early night watching some bad tv-shows on the telly.

On the last day we went to Camden town and Oxford street to finish our shopping. We took an early night, since we had to get up at 2am.

Play of the week:
“The Woman in Black”
We went to see this play on Thursday in one of the many theaters in Covent Garden. The play would have been great if it wasn’t for some teenage girls laughing, crying and leaning forward so I could barely see the stage. It was meant to be a scary play, but crying? Ugh, I bet it was all for attention, because when one of them started the others followed. The play was pretty good anyways though. The two actors did a wonderfull job with very little props and the light was wonderfull. If you dont know the story, here is what their homepage says about it:

“The Plot Eel Marsh House stands tall, gaunt and isolated, surveying the endless
flat saltmarshes beyond the Nine Lives Causeway, somewhere on England's bleak
East Coast. Here Mrs Alice Drablow lived - and died - alone. Young Arthur Kipps,
a junior solicitor, is ordered by his firm's senior partner to travel up from
London to attend her funeral and then sort out all her papers. His task is a
lonely one, and at first Kipps is quite unaware of the tragic secrets which lie
behind the house's shuttered windows. He only has a terrible sense of unease.
And then, he glimpses a young woman with a wasted face, dressed all in black, at
the back of the church during Mrs Drablow's funeral, and later, in the graveyard
to one side of Eel Marsh House. Who is she? Why is she there? He asks questions,
but the locals not only cannot or will not give him answers - they refuse to
talk about the woman in black, or even to acknowledge her existence, at all. So,
Arthur Kipps has to wait until he sees her again, and she slowly reveals her
identity to him - and her terrible purpose.The Woman In Black treads in the
footsteps of the classic ghost story, following the tradition of Charles Dickens
and M.R James, of Henry James and Edith Wharton. It is not a horror story or a
tale of terror, yet the events build up to a horrifying climax and instil a
sense of horror. It relies on atmosphere, a vivid sense of place, on hints and
glimpses and suggestions, on what is shadowy, heard and sometimes only
half-seen, to chill the reader's blood to the marrow and make reading the book
alone at night inadvisable for the faint-hearted.Stephen Mallatratt's adaptation
for the stage remains entirely true to the book itself and uses much of Susan
Hill's own descriptive writing and dialogue, while transforming the novel into a
totally gripping piece of theatre.”

Beverage of the week:
Caramelle Hot Chocolate from Starbucks
Because it’s pretty much the only beverage I bought, and because it tasts yum!

Buy of the week:
Well, I can’t really say that I have not spent money this week. I started it all with buying myself some high wasted jeans before I even left my hometown. Here are the things I have bought:

From Lush:

- Bubble Bar: Ruby Red Slippers
- Lip Balm: Whip Stick
- Fresh Face Mask: Catastrophe Cosmetic
- Cleansers: Angels on Bare Skin and Fresh Farmacy

From Top Shop:
- three lip balms
- a grey dress
- a feathery hair asseccory

From M.A.C

- Adoring Carmine set with 5 eye brushes
- Passions of Red eye shadow set: Facsinating Ruby - 6 Smokey Eyes
- Prep + Prime Lip
- Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50
- Brow Shader: Soft Charcoal/Maple
- Small Angled Brow Brush
- Fast Responce Eye Cream

From Camden:
- boudoir Sign
- Paris sign
- hallow “book” to keep things in
- book on swimsuits
- purse from Vendula London
- watch from Vendula London
- Alice in Wonderland necklace
- Vintage ring
- mirror (the one in the pink box)
- brown wood tunnels from tribu

From Spitalfields:
- white and fluffy beanie
- blue dress from Neat London-green dress from Chi Chi
- pearls from Adore Me
- flowery hair brooches and the bug brooch from Kiss the Angel

- underwear from the Dita collection for Wonderbra
- christamas stuff from the Christmas Shop
- some gifts from Lush, Harrods and the airport
- white coat from Primark

-waist belt from Absolute Vintage

Before I write anything else...

...I can already feel a big change is comming.
It almost made me cry when I saw that
Obama won the election.

I've had a lovely trip to London (gonna write a seperate entry for it), but on the other hand I've got a nasty cold or something. It all began when we were taking the buss to the airport yesterday. When I came home I got so tired that I passed out on the sofa. I don't know if it was the fever or something else, but I kept dreaming the same bloody dream over and over again. My throat is so sore, and I am still pretty ill, so I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. I feel really terrible for staying home from work when its so much to do there, but I'm affraid I will just get worse if I work to hard.


The Best of Week 44

"The Best of" will become verry short this week, simply because I dont have the time and because I spent the last week working like hell. When I didn't work, I finished the book I started last week (fantastic!) and started on (and finished) the 4th season of Lost. So...

The best series of week 44:

I stopped watching it completely when the second season started on tv, but then I started on the beginning again, and my oh my; Its so exciting. I can mention several tv-series that are better, but nothing can compete with Lost when it comes to a nerve wrecking plot. I bought season 4 at the beginning of the week, and I soon finished it.


Cute Games for Lazy Sundays

Today I'm gonna dedicate some time to a website of fun and cuteness;

It's been a while since I first discovered these games (and I can't really remember how), but I recommend you take a look. The games are awfully cute, the music is pretty and the graphic is just gorgeous. I had a hard time picking my favourites, so here comes alot of screen shots of all the cuteness you can find on ferryhalim:

Chicken Wings are NOT for Flying

These Little Pigs

Hungry Spiders

A Dog For All Seasons


Summer Walk

Sunny Day


The Way Home

Windy Days
Bungee Bear

Winter Games

A Pocketfull of Stars

A Daily Cup of Tea

High Delivery

Midnight Serenade

If you do take a look, please tell me which one is your favourite game to play...
..and have a wonderfull Sunday
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