This is no brain bender, but try figure out this years halloween costume.
The pic is just for inspiration though, I'm thinking a mix between the more traditional character, abit more retro, and abit more blood (but just a tiny bit)

What are your costume this year?

Retro inspired photographs

Cate Blanchett by Nick Leary
These pictures reminds me of the Golden Age of Hollywood

I saved these pictures ages ago, so I can't remember the source


Take a tumble...

I've made myself a tumblr profile where I can post inspirational pics and quotes, so I can keep this blog for longer entries. Do you have a tumblr?

(the picture is linked)


TV-series #3

For the kids #1
The contemporary childrens series have nothing on these wonderfull series. They were all my favorites as a kid, and they are all my favorites now, but the first two are really special.

(every picture is linked to the series opening credits and the descriptions are taken from imdb)

The Animals of Farthing Wood
"A group of animals have to leave their home, the Farthing Wood which was destroyed by people"
My favorite series as a child (of the ones shown on television here in Norway). So sad and dramatic. Abit frightening when you are a kid, but it had a good moral told in the most beautifull way

The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends
"A magical place inhabited by disobedient bunnies, rambunctious kittens & practical hedgehogs"
My favorite series (of the ones I had on VHS). The music is so lovely and dreamy, the drawings are stunning (drawn to look like the original Beatrix Potter drawings) and the stories are so darn cute.

Chip 'n Dale Resque Rangers
"Chip and Dale, Disney's fun-loving chipmunks are re-imagined as the leaders of a team of detectives/crime-fighters, rounding out the team are two mice, Gadget Hackwrench and Monteray Jack and Zipper, a fly"
All I've got to say is: fun, fun, fun! and the song is kind of catchy

"Pingu is a clay penguin who is very mischievous and playful. He lives in the arctic where he plays with his family and his friend the seal"
Aw, I love Pingu. He is the cutest, and he still makes me laugh. With his walk and his facial expression, who can't love him? mweep mweep

Rädda Joppe
I've only got vage memories of this one, but I do know that I loved it (I used to say the catchphrase all the time, and I dont think my sister cared much for it). The same thing happenes in all the episodes: Joppe gets lost (or in another note: the boy always lose Joppe)

The Chronicles of Narnia
So much better than the movies. Ok, not as exciting as it used to be, but it still gives me a nostalgic feeling and reminds me of christmas. AND: The opening song gives me the goosebumps.

Duck Tales
"Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie find themselves in all sorts of adventures on this animated cartoon series from Walt Disney"
I still remembering Friday nights when I was little, when I came home from choir practise to watch "Disney dags" on swedish tv. Duck Tales was the highlight.

Where's Waldo?
I bet everyone has read the books. Well, this is the tv-series based on those books. It's abit quirky, but stil lots of fun. The highlight is the end, where the picture freezes and you have to find Waldo.

Miserable Autumn

I'm making some lists of music that I know will keep my heart warm through the Autumn. I'm calling the lists "Miserable Autumn", but belive me; they are not all that miserable. Since I'm terrible at just picking out a few songs, I'm goig to make a few playlists. Here are some of my ideas

Bittersweet Comfort


On a slightly happier note

Faraway Land

What would be the content of the playlist will be a secret for now.

I'm also thinking about making these lists later on:

Retro and vintage favorites

Music that makes me wanna dance
My favorite songs by norwegian artists
(could be fun for the non-norwegian subscribers)
...well, let's just say that I've got plenty of ideas

I hope you are interested!


TV Costumes

Boardwalk Empire
Costume designer: John A Dunn
There's only been 5 episodes, but if it keeps it all going it will soon be one of my favorites. Great cinematography, art direction and costumes. It's the roaring 20s, but it was not great for everybody. The difference between the priviliged and the working-class, the rich and the poor, is also portrayed through the clothes, in material, tailoring and in color.
These screencaps are from episodes 1-4
(and they are by me - sorry for the poor quality of some of them)


Retro inspired editorials #2

Heidi Mount in Fashion Takes Flight by Peter Lindbergh for Harper’s Bazaar
(july 2009)

Described as a 1950's shot, but I find it more WW2-ish


Retro inspired catwalk #4

Lena Hoschek #2

I've posted pics from the fall 2010 collection before, but here are some
pictures from the ready-to-wear spring/summer collection 2010.

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