My sister, her boyfriend and my little nephew left for Trondheim today. I'm sure gonna miss them! Here are some pictures from a small trip we had to the tiny local family park.


On Saturday the 9th of July, I celebrated my birthday with some lovely people. Usually I make big plans for my birthday, but this year I wanted to keep it simple. I sent out invitations to my closest friends and family, and we had a small picnic in the park. I bought cava, fruit, cheese and biscuits, made a chocolate cake and some small pavlovas. The sun was shining, and we had the entire park for ourselves. Afterwards, some of us went to a local cafe and we met up with another friend of ours, then my best mate and I went to a small party in the neigbouring city.

"Standing there, and at that time, my heart still resisted what my head was telling me. Even yet I had the feeling that it was all something too big, too unnatural really to happen. Yet I knew that it was by no means the first time that it had happened "

I started reading The Day of the Triffids on Friday, and in so many ways it seems like the perfect book to read at the moment. Today I have felt so proud of my country. It seems like it should be a time of anger and hate, but I have only felt love today. There are so many things I can say about this tragedy, but this blog I would like to keep abit seperated from my strong views and my deepest feelings. All I can say is that I'm not only proud of my country and the people in it, but I'm proud to be human and to be part of a world filled with so much solidarity. For some it will take abit of time before they can continue their lives, while some have been ready for a while now. Still, we will not forget. This blog is ready to live.

Lots of love!


Today was a sad day for our country. My thoughts go out to all the people who has been affected by this tragedy. I'm not proud to see so many hatefull, ignorant and racist comments all over the net, but I'm so proud to see so much love, so much solidarity, and to see so many fantastic people stand together against this hatered


It all ends!

That sounds abit over dramatic, doesn't it? Well, this is pretty much how it feels for us in the Potter Generation. I'm watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in about two hours and I know I'm going to cry. Ofcourse it's not the end, but it feels like a huge part of my childhood is over. It has been with me since 1999, when my teacher started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for us kids, and I hve read every book and seen every movie plenty of times since that year. That is 12 years with Harry Potter and his friends (and enemies).
So, in a way:



I had planned to write this entry about London in three seperate parts because of all the pictures, but since I'm traveling to Spain on Thursday (and I didn't want to post three entries about the same subject in 24 hours), I will just write this entry. So, please bear with me this long and tedious entry about my three days in London with my sister.

We came to London early in the morning, and went straight to the hotel to leave behind our luggage. Since neither of us have done anything too touristy in our previous trips to London, we had planned to see many attractions. We started with four museums: Science, Natural History, National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery. It has to be said that neither of us really takes our time in museums, and that we walked fast through the lot of them. Not too cultural and ladylike, eh? When the evening came we ate a better meal at Friday's (not very cultural either) and took a spontaneous trips to the theatre to see The 39 Steps. It was great fun!

The day started early when we went to the Tower of London. We came there around opening hours and joined the Yeoman Warden tour. The guide was very funny and the tour was lovely, but it was bit too crowded (that's tourist traps for you). We spent a couple of hours walking around on our own. I really love british history so it was by far the most enjoyable touristy thing we did in those three days (beside the theatre). After those hours at the Tower, we went to a cozy tavern in the St. Katherine Docks to eat fish and chips. Then we walked all the way from the tavert, over the Tower Bridge and along the Thames to the Southbank Centre. In the evening we went out shopping and eating.

We had some hours to kill before heading to the airport. We started the morning by eating breakfast in St. James' Park, then walked through the park to the Buckingham Palace, took the tube to Cowent Garden where we bewildered ourself into some christian café to buy ourself a milkshake. Not really our cup of coffee, but at least the milkshakes were good.

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