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Barbara Stanwyck

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Movie Classics

Cover Girl (1944)
Runtime: 107 min

Director: Charles Vidor

Cast: Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly,

Phil Silvers, Otto Kruger, Lee Bowman, Eve Arden

Rusty Parker (Rita Hayworth) is one of the lead dancer at her boyfriend Danny McGuire's (Gene Kelly) Night Club in Brooklyn. She dreams of becoming a successful star, and enters a contest to be a "Cover Girl". She is given a chance by the wealthy publisher John Coudair (Otto Kruger), who was in love with Parker's grandmother a long time ago. She left Coudair at the altar, because she loved someone else. Parker continues to work at McGuires' club, but as she is pursued by the musical producer Noel Weathon (Lee Bowman) to become a star on Broadway, the two worlds collide and Parker has to choose between Weathon or McGuire.

This is one charming and bubbly musical. The costumes are adorable, the setting is fantastic and the muic is lovely. The cast is wonderfull, and I can't decide which of the main stars I adore the most. This is in so many ways a Rita Hayworth movie and even though Gene Kelly (on a loan from his company) takes the backseat, he has still feels like huge partof it. Hayworth and Kelly really carry the movie together. She is stunning and cute as always, and he is charming and down to earth as the night club owner. They are a perfect couble, and the perfect trio with the funny Phil Silvers as Genious.

Every musical number has it's own charm and brings something special to the entire movie, but my favorite acts have to be Gene Kelly's dance number, Phil Silvers number with all the girls, "Make Way for Tomorrow" number with the trio and the "Long Ago & Far Away" number between Kelly and Hayworth. The "Cover Girl" number is also good (fantastic set design), but is too long for my liking.


Movies to look forward to

and other movies I'm curious about:

Black Swan



The Killer Inside Me


The Romanticks


The Town


...and ofcouse four others I'm looking forward to:
True Grit, The Hobbit,
The Adventures of Tintin and a new Sherlock Holmes movie

which movies are you looking forward to? are there someone I forgot?


Movie Classics

The Lady Eve (1941)
Runtime: 94 min

Director: Preston Sturges

Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Fonda,
William Demarest and Charles Coburn

The rich and naive snake expert Charles Pike (Henry Fonda) meets the stunning Jean Harrington (Barbara Stanwyck) and her father (Charles Coburn) on a cruise ship. What Pike doesn't know is that they are two well-known con-artists that are planning to take his fortune in a card game. The plan falls apart when they fall in love and Pike's valet Muggsy (William Demarest) discovers the truth about Jean. Pike breaks the relationship off, but that doesn't mean that Jean is done with him. She disguise herself as the Lady Eve, and causes alot of trouble for the poor confused man.

This is the definition of a screwball comedy, and one of the funniest movies I've seen for some time. It has those typical comedy elements that you would role your eyes at in modern movies, but it fits perfectly into this one. Barbara Stanwyck must be one of the most beautifull and sexiest women on screen (just take one look at her in Double Idemnity), and plays her part so well. Henry Ford is the perfect comedian with his naive, clumsy and confused personality. Another cast member worth mentioning is William Demarest as Mugsy, who has some funny and perfectly timed lines roles up his sleeves. All in all a lighthearted movie, with a perfect cast and a wonderful setting (and costumes).


Buys of today:

I went wild on etsy and ebay today:

A faux fur hat from the 60's (FKellerman)

Creme colored pilot blouse from the 50's (RegalBeagleVintage)

Black snood (poohktt)

Black and white spectator heels (adVintagous)

Pink and white shirtwaist dress from the late 50's (WearingHistory)

I alo recieved these two lovely bows by Martotepia
(pictures are also by her).
She is sewing so many lovely bows for her project "Sløyfekjærleik"


Movie Costumes

Brideshead Revisited (2008)
Costume designer: Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh

This movie has some amazing and abit eccentric costrumes from the mid 20s
(and until the late 30s)
Aristocracy, tailored suits, drop-waisted dresses, pageboy bobs, hats, 20s bathing suits, floaty dresses, capes, wealth, silk and satin.
It's interesting to see the difference between the middle-class boy Charles Ryder and the aristocratic Flyte family (especially between him and the more flamboyant Sebastian). Even though he tries to be more like them, you can stil spot a difference.

the first four photoes are from allmoviephoto (the others have been on my computer for ages, so I don't know where they came from)


I have some really artistic friends who make gorgeous pieces. Recently they have made some of me. I love it! The first one is made by the lovely Isaac and the two others are made by sweet Samantha.
Thank you once again!


The autumn is the season for tv-series. After reading an entry by Christina, I wanted to make some entries about my favorite series. Now that the school has started, I do nothing but read until the evening, then I watch tv-series (or a movie) until I fall asleep. Not very productive, but that's all I can manage. I watch almost everything as long as it's entertaining, so my list of favorites are long. Ofcourse there are some series that are better than others, but I will not range them in any other order than different sub-categories, and I have to add that they are abit vague.

stay tuned...


Movie Classics

The Damned Don't Cry (1950)
Runtime: 103min
Director: Vincent Sherman

Actors: Joan Crawford, David Brian,

Steve Cochran, Kent Smith

A mobster, Nick Prenta (Steve Cochran) if found murdered, and the murder is soon linked to Lorna Hansen Forbes (Joan Crawford). What has a socialite like her to do with a gangster like him? We soon find out that Lorna was once Ethel Whitehead, a working-class girl living a hard and poor life with her husband. When a tragedy occur, she desides to leave the poor world behind and do whatever it takes to build a richer life. She works her way from career to career until she has worked her way into the hands of the mobster George Castleman (David Brian). What she doesn't know until later is that she has worked herself into a world of crime she and her bookkeeper friend Martin Blackford (Kent Smith) can't get out of.

The movie has gotten a good amount of bad critique, but I more than enjoyed it. Yes, this is a role we have seen Joan Crawford in before. Most of the time she plays these cynical, confident and sexy ladies who will do everything they can to get what they want, to change their lifes and work their way to the top. Still, I think Joan Crawford has a way of adding abit of necessary depth into the character she is portraying. All in all, I "believed" her and felt sorry for her in the end. Other memorable performances were David Brian as the cold and hard George Castleman and Kent Smith as Martin Blackford. The latter gives his character a two-faced quality than really takes you by surprise. Other than that, there are som beautifull imagery and fantastic costumes to behold.

screencaps by me
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