Have you?

Have you ever experienced something so terrible, that you just cant believe it is happening to you? that you are on the outside looking in on yourself? this is not happening to me. Who is that girl? Why is she crying?

Pic: Jan Saudek



I think its quite difficult to find good, comfortable, sexy, retrolooking and pretty underwear these days. Here in Norway its seems like they are stuck in the same year after year, and lets face it; cheap underwear suck. It looses its shape after some months, it looks like it was made for children or for seniors, and it doesnt fit properly. I want something that is sexy and classic, but stil abit of fun without beeing childish. The only cheapstore I know that they got that kind of underwear is Lindex and their brand Ella M

Anyway; I came over this sexshop through galadarlings blog: Coco de Mer
They got some sexy and fun underwear (and some other goodies as well, if you are intrested)...and it's tastefull and classy as well (which is not easy to find these days)


1. From Andres Sarda
Metropolitan Soft Cub Bra
Metropolitan Knickers

2. From Stella McCartney
Dolly Snogging Bra
Dolly Snogging Boy Leg Brief

3. From Damaris
Frisson Lily Lace Tulle Bra
Frisson Lily Lace High Wasted Knickers

4. From Damaris
Ophelia Grecian Soft Bra
Ophelia Bow Knickers

5. Misc
Rose D'Amour Bra from Mimi Holiday
Rpse D'Amour Boy Short Thong from Mimi Holiday
Diamante Nipple Covers from J. Maskrey
Fresh Foundation Magic Girdle from Made by Niki

6. Misc
Red Light Slip from La Perla
Vintage Brown Marabou Feather Jacket
1020's Sequin Cape


You ask me...

You ask me, my dear child, whether I am still fond of life? I admit that I think it has some acute sorrows. But I am even more repelled by death and I feel that I am so unfortunate to have to finish all this by death, and that if I could go backwards I would ask for nothing better. I find I am in the midst of an undertaking that embarresses me; I was launched upon life without my consent. I have got to leave it and that overwhelms me. And how shall I leave it? Which way? Through which door? When will it be? In what frame of mind? Shall I suffer thousands and thousands of pains and die in desperation? Shall I have a stroke? Shall I die in an accident? How shall I stad with God? What shall I have to present to Him? Will fear or nesessity bring me back to Him? Shall I have no other emotion than that of fear? What can I hope for? Am I worhty of paradise? Am I only fit for hell? What an alternative! What a puzzle! Nothing is so silly as to pin one's salvation to uncertainty, but nothing is more natural, and the stupid life I lead is the easiest thing in the world to understand. I am lost in these thoughts, and I find death so terrible that I hate life more because it leads me there than because of the thorns to be met with on the way. You will say I want to live for ever. Not at all, but if my opinion had been consulted I would have liked to die in my nurse's arms; it would have spared me many troubles and brought me to heaven quite safely and easily. But let us change the subject...

Madame de Sevigne
a letter to her daughter
on the 16th of March, 1672


music for the mind, body and soul # 2

Damien Rice
(+ Lisa Hannigan)

I started to listen to this artist in...
...I'm not sure actually. Maybe around 2006 or something
The first song I heard was...
...The Blower's Daughter when Closer was released
The three songs I've listened to the most are...
...The Blower's Daughter, Cannonball, Delicate
At the moment, my three favourte songs are...
...Eskimo, Me, My Yoke and I, Coconut Skins
The feelings the music provokes are...
...lots and lots of emotions; anger, depression, bitterness, love, nostalgii and desperation

no love, no glory, no hero in her sky


I had this horrible dream the other night. My dad was about to die of some unknown diseas, and I woke up crying and feeling the stangest feeling. I've never been afraid of death (its just a natural way of life, right?), but I woke up feeling sad. Sad about the fact that all of the people I know, my family and friends, will die. Sad about my own death. Sad about the fact that I wil never experience this life again, never be 20 years again, never be 16, never be 5. I will never know how it will be to me at the age of 5 again, all I have is vague memories. Poeple will die, and I will never have the chance to speak to them again, see them again, hold them again. All will just pass. Only vague memories remain...


red hair and freckles.

I talked with my sister the other day, and she said that she would love to have Christina Hendricks' haircolor, but she thought that it would look weird with her amount of freckles. So this is kind of an entry to prove that red hair and freckles are lovely, and that there are some celebrities out there who are a true inspiration when it comes to this look. Ok, many of them don't have the kind of redness in their haircolor like Hendricks, but I think they would look just as good with it as she does.
It seems like red hair and freckles are something alot of people have been made fun of, which I dont get... Ok ok, I admit it: I made fun of my sister for her freckles when I was little, but karma got back at me. Nowadays I would kill for some freckles and some nice looking red hair, and I would gladly trade my weird dimples for some freckles anyday!

and some other nice freckles:

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