Everyday is like Sunday...

..or at least I wish it was. This is my second day off work this Christmas. I’m a bit worn out, but its only three days left. At least I get some good feedback on my work. Look what I found on the back of the paper today:

I can’t really be bothered to translate it, but it’s nice that a customer actually takes the time to mention me on the back of a paper.

Today ,and yesterday, I finished the Christmas preparations. Yesterday I wrapped the Christmas gifts, and today my sister, my dad and I made Christmas bonbons. The rest of the day I will spend reading and eating cherry ice cream with chocolate bits. Yum!

Morning Theft

Time takes care of the wound, so I can believe.
You had so much to give, you thought I couldn't see.
Gifts for boot heels to crush, promises deceived
I had to send it away to bring us back again.
Your eyes and body brighten silent waters, deep.
Your precious daughter in the other room, asleep.
A kiss "Goodnight" from every stranger that I meet.
I had to send it away to bring us back again.
Morning theft, and pretender left, ungrateful.
True Self is what brought you here, to me.
A place where we can accept this love.
Friendship battered down by useless history,
Unexamined failure.
What am I still to you?
Some thief who stole from you?
Or some fool drama queen whose chances were few?
Love brings us to who we need, a place where we can save
A heart that beats as both siphon and reservoir.
You're a woman, I'm a calf.
You're a window, I'm a knife.
We come together making chance into starlight.
Meet me tomorrow night, or any day you want.
I have no right to wonder just how, or when.
And though the meaning fits, there's no relief in this.
I miss my beautiful friend.
I had to send it away to bring her back again.

The hardest part is to hate someone you used to love. I don't want to hate, I just want peace.
Please, do not forget me, and please do not act this way.


A life long lost..

Belive me, you have no idea what this does to me. It was actually my life for so long, and it brings back a bunch of memories (and tears to my eyes)

Teenage girls and low expectations

Ok, I know I can't really expect much more when I'm seeing a filmmake of one of todays highest teenage phenomenon. (No, I'm not talking about High School Musical, but Twilight). Believe me, I find the books intresting (enough), but there are just something pretty off about it all. Could be all the teenage fans that makes the book all embarresing to read, or it could be something else. I don't know. The books are entertaining, but I have to admit that I have read better books. The language is abit dull and the story is full of cliche's. It almost seems like everything has to happen all at once. Still it's nice to read these kinds of books once in a while.
Anyway, back to the film. I can't really say much more about it, than that it was abit akward and abit embarresing. It doesn't really help when you have giggling teenage girls behind you that comments and "awws" on everything. Anyway, if you want the best experience with this phenomenon, I recommend you stick to the books.

So, back to something better. I recommend you take a look at the Flight of the Conchords (mind, if you like pointless humour).
I have had these songs on my head in a week or so:


Christmas time will soon be over, christmas time will soon be over..

That sounded abit wrong, but it's true, is it not? The christmas always finishes as soon as it starts. Thats how it feels anyway. Today I went to the Old Town/Fortified Town of Fredrikstad with my family. It has to be the most beautifull place around here. Almost the only place we can be proud of. Its nice and cozy and has all of these wonderfull small stores. I almost finished all my christmas shopping today, and it feels nice. Now I only have to wrap it all in (bought some pretty white wrappingpaper and some red string the other day). Yesterday, I also finished making all the christmas cards, so if you are one of my closest, you will porbably expect a card pretty soon. The only thing that I have to do before I can say that I am all finished, is that I have to make christmas bonbons. I bought myself this set with all the things I need to make christmas bonbons with all kinds of flavours and colors, Yum!

Today I'm gonna spend one of my (almost only) days off by reading and drinking some lovely tea.

I will also have to show you this wonderfull furniture I bought last time I was in the Fortified Town. Its my first "real" furniture and I am already planning on how to decorate my future appartment. It's an antique(ish) makeup table/bodouir table


I'm coming up on infrared

Ok, I've been pretty lazy with this blog lately, which I've made a promise to myself that I will not be. I need this little place of "me", but in these times I got things on my mind that I simply don't want in here. This will not be my personal blog of negative thoughts and complaints, so I just need some time to get over it all.
In exchange I got plenty of blogentries all figuered out, and ready to be typed out.

In the meantime (or the little time I got on my hands now that the christmas "finaly" has arrived to the shop) I will spend my time at what I do best when I want to recover from something; read, read, dream, read.

I really do hope that you all have a merry christmas!
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