It seems like it has become a habbit of mine to start a post by stating how long it has been since I've last posted here. Well, it has been ages, and I can't really see how it's going to change. I just don't think I'm up to beeing that regular bloggar. I'm more on tumblr these days, but I'm not posting much there either. Anyway, I guess I will continue posting as long as I feel like it. Today is one of those days, and well, this is going to be a post about pretty much nothing. I just wanted to say hi and see how you all are doing. Are you alright? I've been pretty busy lately, with my exams and a phone inteview with Brighton university. When my holiday finaly arrived, I managed to get the common cold. Hurrah!

I also wanted to show you why posting outfits is not really my thing. This is how I look today, and lets face it: I felt silly taking these photos, and it shows! I also seem to have that Angelina leg pose syndrome. Oh, and excuse my silly ear!

Well, at least you get the idea of how I look these days.

Now I'm off to my grandparents to bake them a cake and to eat pizza! Have a lovely weekend! 

PS: if anyone would like to know, the skirt is from River Island and the blouse is from Vero Moda

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