Cute Games for Lazy Sundays

Today I'm gonna dedicate some time to a website of fun and cuteness;

It's been a while since I first discovered these games (and I can't really remember how), but I recommend you take a look. The games are awfully cute, the music is pretty and the graphic is just gorgeous. I had a hard time picking my favourites, so here comes alot of screen shots of all the cuteness you can find on ferryhalim:

Chicken Wings are NOT for Flying

These Little Pigs

Hungry Spiders

A Dog For All Seasons


Summer Walk

Sunny Day


The Way Home

Windy Days
Bungee Bear

Winter Games

A Pocketfull of Stars

A Daily Cup of Tea

High Delivery

Midnight Serenade

If you do take a look, please tell me which one is your favourite game to play...
..and have a wonderfull Sunday


Serena said...

Hurra! De spillene er så vakkre <3 Pen blogg du har fått!

embot said...

Ohhh these games are all so cute! <3

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