...and the days goes on

The Christmas came and went faster than ever before, and in some ways I am glad. I have spent most of it working longer and harder than before (something my body has had enough, and has given me the flu to get me down in the bed), and I was mentaly ready for a new year anyway. Old mistakes and regrets are in the past, and I will try to do better this year (just have to get over this bloody flu).

Well, I haven't done much since the new year arrived, so the only thing worth mentioning is my little shopping trip with my friend; Anne-Lene. Here is what I got:

and here are some christmas presents:

so what can I look forward to in the new year?
here comes a small list

- hopefully starting on my old school/french/20s sleeve
- vissiting my sister in Trondheim in February
- watching the Oscars with my sister
- got some lovely books to read
- traveling to Paris in June with my friend Christina
- spending the summer writing
- spending the summer at my lovely cabin
- starting a "new" life in a new city in August
- back to school in August
- some good and long expected movies are arriving this year: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", "Changling", "Revolutionary Road", "Spirit", "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

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Christina said...

Så utrolig fine ting du har kjøpt deg!

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