The old days makes me wanna dance!

On the 22nd I am paying a tribute to my favourite era: The Roaring 20s, and I am starting on my flapper girl/french sleeve. It's been in the planning for a long time, and I cant wait to get started.

Do you have any favourite era? Pleace, do tell!


Øyvind said...

It has to be the 60's for me. the music, the style. the summer of love. :)

though, the 20's is very cool. same with the 50's. 70's all right and the 80's dreadful. :)

Olav said...

This will make you wana dance^^

Sammy said...

Gorgeous photos love!! My favourite era is a cross between the 40's and the 50's, the style was amazing!

Pandora said...

The 80's is indeed dreadfull, Øyvind. And I like the 40's as well, Sammy. Myabe the dream would have been to live through the 20's to the 60's (if we just ignore some horrible wars though : P )

I cant make that link work, Olav. Could be my computer which is abit slow though.

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