Paris, je t'aime: How to get in that French mood Pt. 1

Christina and I are leaving for Paris on Sunday, so I'm getting myself into that (extra) French mood. I love French music and movies, so here comes a small "how to" entry on what kind of music you should listen to if you want to get in that special French mood.

(oh, and if you scroll over some of the songs, there are links so you can listen to the songs)

Yann Tiersen
Some of you might have heard of him when it comes to the soundtrack of "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain", but I would recommend you to listen to some of his other work. My favourite atm. is his jazzalbum from 2005; "Les Retrouvailles". It got those thypical "Amelie" songs like "La Boulange", but also some calmer and more relaxing songs like "Kala" and "Plus d'Hiver" (the last one with Jane Birkin on the vocals)

Jane Birkin
Known as the muse and lover of Serge Gainsbourg, but is also a talented artist. She recorded alot of songs with Gainsbourg, but has also made her own career as a solo artist. She does not have the most beautifull voice in the world, but a fragileness that only her daughter Charlotte has recreated after her. Listen to her album "Rendez-vous" from 2004 where she sings duets with lots of famous singers like Brian Ferry, Brian Molko and Feist. Some of the songs are sung in English (like "Smile" and "Canary Canary"), but some are also in French (where my favourites are "Je m'Appelle Jane" and "Te Souviens-tu")

Serge Gainsbourg
He is the French singer above all French singers. I bet all of you have heard his duet with Jane Birkin; "Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus". It's an erotic song originaly recorded with Brigitte Bardot, but was later recorded with Jane. Another song was recorded with Bardot which is one of my favourites; "Bonnie and Clyde". Some of you may also have heard the song "Ballade de Melody Nelson" which has later been remade by Placebo

Charlotte Gainsbourg
She made her musical debut on her fathers song "Lemon Incest". She was only thirteen when she recorded that song, so its not odd that the erotic musicvideo with her dad shocked alot of people. She has also released two soloalbums, where the first one is mostly in French and are duets with her father, while the latest one is mostly in English. The latest is my favourite with songs like "The Songs That We Sing", "The Operation", "5:55" and "AF607105".

Julie Delpy
She may be more famous for her acting, directing and screenwriting, but she has also made some pretty cute songs. Many of them were featured in the movie Before Sunset ("An Ocean Apart", "A Waltz For A Night" and "Je T'aime Tant"), but she has also recorded her own album and made the score for her movie 2 days in Paris (where she also recorded the song "Lalala" with Nouvelle Vague). I love her unperfect and cute voice.

Edith Piaf
While Gainsbourg was the male French singer above all singers, Piaf has to be the best female singer. She lived a pretty hard and short life, but some great songs (and a great voice) came out of it. My big time favourite is "Rien De Rien", but other songs worth mention is "Milord", "L'hymme a L'amour", "Padam Padam", "L'accordeoniste" and one song that most of you have heard "La Vie En Rose". I would also recommend you to liste to the soundtrack of the movie with the same name.

Carla Bruni
Known as a singer and model, but also the wife of the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy. Its her latest album "Comme si de rien n'était" I have listened to the most, but I have also listened to her English album "No Promises". I have to say I prefer her French, with songs like "
Ma Jeunesse", "Notre Grand Amour Est Mort", "Péché d'Envie" and "Tu Es Ma Came".

Some old jazz songs like:
Fred Astaire: "Puttin' On the Ritz"
Ella Fitzgerald: "Puttin' on the Ritz"
Ella Fitzgerald: "Night And Day"
Ella Fitzgerald: "Just One Of Those Things"
(the best version is with Louis Armstrong, but I could'nt find it)
Cole Porter: "Anything Goes"
Frank Sinatra: "I Love Paris"

Next time: French movies to watch


Ida-Anette said...

I was singing "a waltz for a night" the whole day yesterday:)

Christina said...

O, jeg gleder meg! Prøver å finne ut hvordan jeg skal få skrevet ut billettene da. Skriveren var jo Miriams..Damn:S

Pandora said...

kan du ikke bare sende de over til meg da? : )

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