I'm not dead...yet

Ok ok, I've been bloody terrible at writing something new at this place. I've been busy thinking about all the stuff I should have done that I've practically have done nothing that I should have been doing. I've been living in Oslo the last two weeks, and this will be my home for some years (at the least) and I have started at UIO-Literature studies (which will be my home for at least three years). I will try to get some pictures of my newly decorated room, but I have no idea how to get the pics from my camera to my computer, at the moment.

So, here are some pictures I've already got on my computer; the pics from Paris:


Ida-Anette said...

Endelig et innlegg;)
Er det ikke et sted på PCen din du kan dytte inn kamerakortet da?

Pandora said...

jeg finner det ei noe plass : (

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