An entry about a verry uneventfull evening

I'm not used to writing entries about my life or what I'm doing, but this have been a verry uneventfull day. So uneventfull that I want to write about it. Ok ok, its odd that I'm actually writing about my life when nothing is actually happening, instead of writing about it when some stuff do happen. So, I've been trying to write my part of a group essay, but that did not go very well. (I did write some facts down though, so I know exactly what I do want to write). Anyway; since I could not bother do be productive, I went out to by myself some magazine; "Harper's Bazar" and "The World of Interiors: Decoration Special". I dont like spending money on magazines these days, because usually I just look through them, then throw them away, and to be perfectly honest; thats a waste of money. I should be more carefull with my money now that I am a poor student, but it was 25% off on these magazines, so it wasn't all bad. Pluss; I kind off feel bad about reading anything thats not schoolwork. Anyway, gonna spend the evening (or night, since its already 12 o'clock) reading magazines and watching House. Work tomorrow!

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