January - June

I ended up with a sore throat/the flue after working my way through christmas. I spent the month reading alot and trying to get myself out of the wintermood.

I visited my sister in Throndheim, we watched lots of oscarnominated movies and spent the whole night watching the oscars (as tradition)

Got back to one bad habit, that I luckily got rid of a month or two later

I started and finished a tattoo on my arm, that also was the beginning of a sleeve to come.
I reconectet with an old friend of mine, but he went away with the circus(!) and I spent the time with some good and lovely friends.

The boy came back from the circus and I deleted a heavy burden from my life.
He became my boyfriend after a trip to Copenhagen with a sweet friend of his, where we ran away from the stressful celebrations of the 17th of May.

I quit my job as a fulltimeworker in the recordstore, Platekompaniet, and I traveled to Paris with a dear friend of mine. We experienced that the French were snotty, and I saw the most beautifull place ever made: Marie Antoinettes Petit Trianon, her village and her garden in Versailles.

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Øyvind said...

så flotte innlegg Malin. vil takke deg for det året som har vært, og man prøve å lage dette året like minneverdig!

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