Entry number 100

This is my entry number 100, and I just want to thank the few of you who take the time to comment and the others who follow this blog (is there anybody out there?) I do appreciate it! I made this blog to have a place to keep all the things I love, because honestly; if I don't write it down, I'm affraid to lose it.

There has been a series of entries I have been terrible to follow up (the "best of" lists and the "decade of music" list), but it was simply too much job (I hate to feel that I have to write something). I wanted to keep up the interior entries, but unfortunatly I lost all the interior pics I had on my computer.

I've been writing more this month than I have ever done in any other month. I don't think I can keep that up now that the school starts again, but I will try.

So, a little message to the people who do follow this blog and any other who manage to come across this blog:


g1m said...

Congrats on 100 posts! I really love checking out your blog, you have such great tastes and unique perspective, I love learning new things about you and the stuff you love!

I started my blog for the same reasons, I always have so much stuff that I think about & like to share, it's nice to have a place to place it all:) Keep up the great work ♥

Sammy said...

Congrats love! I love reading your blog, it's always so beautiful <3

Anonymous said...

Congratz! I follow you and like to read your posts - keep up!

Pandora said...

Oh, you guys are the cutest! Thank you so much <3

Virrvarr said...


I browse through your blog from time to time, enjoying the pictures. I seldom comment, though. It was so weird to realize that you were that little girl from primary school, all grown up and beautifully styled.

I use to pretend that Torsnes does not exist any more, and neither do the people I went to school with.

But there you are - floating around on the Internet, post pictures of some wicked garnment.

Pandora said...

Yes, it is weird isn't it? Sometimes I forget people I used to go to school with, but then I see them all around the internet. I think it's somehow nice to see what has become of them all, but ofcourse there are some people you just want to forget. It seems likere there is no escape from it though...

And thank you for your comment. I do really appreciate it :)

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