School starts again, and I have to say I dread it. Not because of the school or what I'm studying (because I love to study), but because the summer is over and the autumn and winter is coming closer. Those two seasons would have been lovely if I could just stay inside reading and relaxing, but I know that I will not have a holiday until next summer. The pressure of the exams is in my thoughts all autumn, I become antisocial, cranky and depressed, and I just want to stay in my bed all the time.

Then the winter arrives, and all I want is to spend it at home with my family doing christmassy things, but I have to work most of the time (that is the price to pay when you work in a record store.) So, here I am, school starts tomorrow and I can't even enjoy my last day in this fine weather. This autumn I will try and spend most of my weekdays doing schoolwork, and keep the weekend free from schoolwork and schoolthoughts. And even though I have plenty of schoolbooks to read, I will try and read some other books as well... and watch a bunch of old movies.

Do you have some good tips of how to keep oneself happy in the autumn/winter?


Belowen said...

Perhaps when you do get some free time you could treat yourself to a few little winter traditions? Like spending the evening watching one of your favourite Winter movies? (mine is The Secret Garden!)

g1m said...

Maybe you can plan some nice activities to do during the autumn and winter on your weekends when you have free time? I know it's not the same as having a holiday, but it can give you some nice moments to look forward to inbetween school and studying. They don't have to all be indoor activities, I know that here we have outdoor arts & music festivals during autumn, and in winter there's horse-drawn carriage rides & ice skating. Maybe there are some things events like that you can plan for?

I'm also headed back to school in the next few weeks, though I'm quite looking forward to it. I guess because I'm the opposite in that I become antisocial and stay in bed all day while at home, whereas at school I live in a dorm and have more incentive to be social and outgoing. I do enjoy my alone time very much as well though, so I think the goal is finding a nice balance between studying & work, socializing & activities, and time for ourselves :)

Pandora said...

Thank you for the tips :)
And your right Isaac, balance is important. I will try and keep the weekends for some days off, but I easily get stressed and can't stop thinking about the schoolwork even though I have a day off.

I will deffinetly do some winter/christmas activities, but they have to be inbetween work. I only got some few days off around christmas. Normaly I make some christmas gifts, watch some movies etc.

Anonymous said...

Light candles, use the lovely red leaves that soon will start falling from the trees as table decorations, wear some wool underwear and wool socks when it starts to get colder (being cold always makes me grumpy), drink hot chocolate with friends and always smile to other people! :)

Serena said...

Surround yourself with things you enjoy. Movies, books, fashion and good friends (even an old teddy bear). Try to make everyday a little special by doing something simple. Take a walk and read a book outside, dressed in warm clothes.

Do things that make you happy :)

Pandora said...

Thank you for the nice somments, lovlies<3

I will deffinetly try all the tips, it's just the lack of time that is the problem. I'm gonna watch lots of old movies, but I don't think I will have time to read anything else than schoolbooks (there is enough to read in my literature course.

And you're right ARL, being cold is the worst thing. I will have to invest in some lovely winter clothes. I hate that most winter clothes makes me look shorter and bigger, so I will have to invest in some clothes that are figure shaping, but still have some warm materials :)

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