So... this is my new favorite activity. I love books, I love putting things in lists, I'm a collector and I would love to be a librarian. Shelfari is the perfect site if you feel the same way as I do. Here you have a virtual bookshelf where you can add books you have read, want to read, are reading, your wishlist etc. You can add friends so you can follow their bookshelf, and you can write reviews, edit book- and author pages, join discussion forums etc. It's the perfect "tool" for every book lover. And lets face it; it's much more fun if you got some friends to follow. Here are my profile, so add me if you are making (or already have) a profile:



Miss Kristiansen said...

I might try this! Or at least recommend it to my sister, she loves books! And thanks for following my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh - me like!! I'm a huge consumer and lover of books, so I'm SO going to be there! A new world! Smack!

Pandora said...

I'm glad to hear! I'm addicted

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