I get a little inspired by the lovely Samantha at Cinema Closet to start a new blog just for movie entries: movie inspiration, modern movies, classical movies, costumes etc. That is because I feel this blog is abit messy with all those different entries. On the other hand I can't update my blog too often now that I have school to think about, so maybe it's just silly to have two blogs that will not be updated much, instead of one that will be updated fairly often. What do you guys think?

I do tag all my movie entries though, so they will be easy to find on the right hand column.
... and when it comes to tagging: should I tag more? so it's easier to find movies from different actors/actresses, directors, etc?

decisions, decisions


Dial V for Vintage said...

I know what you mean, but your blog isn't messy to me - I like to read blogs that offer a variety of subjects :). But if you feel really passionate about making a movie-only blog, you should definitely do it! I'd read it with pleasure.

As for the tagging: I think it's very useful to tag more. This way, people can find your blog more easily with Google or another search engine. And it keeps things more organised maybe :).

Pandora said...

Thank you for your answer :) Maybe I should just keep this blog for now, and just tag my posts better. In that way people can read posts of interest. I guess it will only be a waste to have two blogs, if I can't write much.

Anonymous said...

I agree with V for Vintage! Your blog is not messy :) Keeping two blogs, takes more time - keep this blog and tag more <3

Sammy said...

aww thankyou for the lovely mention hun! Your blog is not messy at all, it's actually my favourite :D Tagging is very useful, great idea! <3

Pandora said...

thank you for the comments <3
I've started tagging more, so I'm just keeping this blog for now.

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