Miserable Autumn

I'm making some lists of music that I know will keep my heart warm through the Autumn. I'm calling the lists "Miserable Autumn", but belive me; they are not all that miserable. Since I'm terrible at just picking out a few songs, I'm goig to make a few playlists. Here are some of my ideas

Bittersweet Comfort


On a slightly happier note

Faraway Land

What would be the content of the playlist will be a secret for now.

I'm also thinking about making these lists later on:

Retro and vintage favorites

Music that makes me wanna dance
My favorite songs by norwegian artists
(could be fun for the non-norwegian subscribers)
...well, let's just say that I've got plenty of ideas

I hope you are interested!

1 comment:

Eirin said...

Looking forweard to the retro and vintage list:-) I have a few favourites myself, and love to read what yours favourites are:-)

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