Award buzz

My sister and I have a little tradition where we stay up all night to watch the oscars, and this year is no exception. Like last year and the year before that, I'm trying to watch as many as the movies nominated. Since the nominees are not up yet, I'm trying to watch as many as the movies I think will be nomianted (the other award shows are a huge hint in the right direction). Just like last year, I wil try and make a entry where I write about the nominees, who I think will win and who I hope will win. Like always there are a movie that annoys me because of all the undeserved prais it gets (in 2008 it was Slumdog Millionair, while last year it was a tie between Avatar and Precious). I bet this year will be no exception from that rule either. I've not seen the Social Network (I will), but it is already annoying me, and from the awards it recieved last night at the Globes, I'm certain that this will be the most annoying movie this oscar season.

Right now I'm watching this years Golden Globe, and I'm planning an entry about this years favorite red-carpet looks later on.

...and just to have said it: Ricky Gervais was just perfect! People should stop taking themselves and others to seriously.

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