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I have recieved these two blog awards from the lovely miss margarita and The Bettie Vintage Page. I just wanted to say thank you! I recommend you all to take a look at these two fantastic bloggers. In the second award you are supposed to write three things you love, post your dream picture and send it to five people. I'm terrible at choosing any of these things, and since you are also supposed to send it to 15 other bloggers in the first award, I will only recommend you to take a look at my profile here at blogspot and take a look at the bloglist I've got there. There are so many good bloggers out there, so I have a hard time choosing only some of them (I hate to leave out anybody). So here it goes: you are all lovely!

In other news: I've got a week off from work and I'm not starting school until the 17th of January. This year I will only study one literature course (which is a couse in literature theory), but I will study two other courses I'm really looking forward to: Celtic Civilization and Witchcraft and -faith in Europe from 1400 until 1700.

I'm staying in my hometown at the moment, so while I will try reading some of the school books for this year, I will also spend some of the time doing other fun stuff like going bowling, ice skating, spend time with my lovely friends and watching movies. The oscar season is soon upon us, so I'm wathcing movies I think will be nominated.

I will also try to post some pictures from the christmas holiday, but I don't have many pictures to share. My sister, her boyfriend and my little nephew have gone back home, and I miss them already.

PS: It has been snowing like mad these past days. I will try and take some pictures of all the beautiful snow

PS2: I recieved an A in my introduction course in English grammar!

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