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Downton Abbey
Costume designer: Susannah Buxton
Since I've just finished posting stills from Boardwalk Empire, I will start posting stills of the costumes from the wonderfull series Downton Abbey. I was pleasantly surprised by this series. First of all it had a perfect plot for a series of this kind (costume drama) and some wonderfull characters, but more in this context: the costumes were beyond gorgeous! The period the series is portraying is set right before the ww1, from 1912 to 1914, and like Buxton said on This Morning: "everything is changing, because women are being released from heavily corseted, laced and decorated costume to much more natural lines... and for the first time ankles are being shown"
(watch the interview here)

I've got an hard time choosing stills, but the stills from the first episode will be up soon. When they are up, I will also ask you to notice the beautifull set and art direction by Charmian Adams, Mark Kebby and Gina Cromwell

PS: I would also recomment you to listen to the stunning music by John Lunn

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