Food diary

I have actually tried a new recipe every day for the last three weeks (beside those days when I've got some left overs or those days I've spent at my mum and dads). These are the dishes I have made:

Just ignore some of the larg portions. Next step: learn how to make food for only one person. And yes, I do love pasta! I guess I could have taken some more delicate pictures, but this is not a food or photo blog anyway

Chicken pie with tomatoes, zukini, red onions and peppers
(from here)

Pasta with eggplant
(from here)

Bananamuffins with chocolate topping
(from here)

Salmon with herbes, ratatouille and pasta
(from here)

green curry with lots of vegetables and chicken
(idea from here)


pasta alfredo
(from here)

vegetable soup

sweet chili and cashew salmon
(from here)

+ fried rice

spaghetti and meatballs
(from here)

(recipe from my sister)

Chicken in pita wtih vegetables and homemade dressing

salmon baked in the oven with potatoes and herbes + rucola salad and carrots

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