Summer plans

Only three weeks left, and then I can take a well deserved break. So here are my plans:


I can read all the boks I want, and let me tell you: the list is long! I'll write an entry about my summer reads list as soon as I've got the time. I'm planning to spend as much time outside with a good book as I possibly can, and to only spend time on the computer when i's raining or when the sun has gone down.



I'm staying in Sitges with my mum and my dad for a week in July. It will be nice to get some sun and to take a day trip to see Barcelona. I'm also traveling to London with my sister in June. She has only been
there once, and that is about 5-6 years ago, so it will be lovely to show her the city I hold so dearly. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to see Dublin with the boy, and to take a short trip to Brighton to see if it's a city I would like to live in for 3 years. And if there is some time left, I hope we can stay in our cabin for some days.



I'm planning to learn how to sew, to buy some patterns and to fix some of the dresses I've got laying around.

I've been thinking about starting to write again, and I've got the idea for a book. I don't think I will have the time to start writing this summer, but hopefully I can start finding some sources, facts, etc for the book I'm planning.



Finally, I can start writing more entrys for this blog. I want to continue on some of the series I had going on, but I've also planned some new entries. I'm thinking about having a giveaway as well.


If any of these pictures are yours and you want them removed: just let me know.


Miss Margarita said...

Hei! Håper alt går feiende flott på eksamener og tre uker til ferie går jo fort ;)

Pandora said...

Tusen takk! :)
Jeg teller virkelig ned dagene til jeg kan lese andre bøker igjen!

Rakel said...

Du har fått en award av meg :)

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