The summer is here

I finished my last exam (for the summer) yesterday, and let me just say that it went GREAT! The weather is terrible, but I don't mind. It is still summer and for the first time in 10 months, I can finally relax. I have to work Wednesday to Saturday, but I don't mind that either. I got the entire day off, and lots of other days off during these two months, that I can't help but feel overjoyed. I'm gonna spend the entire day reading. Beside reading books, reading magazines on all kinds of topics is my favourte pastime in the summer, so I bought myself four different magazines for today:

Not this editon, but you get the picture

+ a magazine of japanese puzzles

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Miss Margarita said...

Gratulerer med vel overstått eksamener :)
Nå er det bare å krysse fingrene for enda mere godvær! (drukna nesten på vei til jobb i morges jo!)

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