30 things I would like to do before I die - pt 3

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Live in a small cottage in the countryside

One of my biggest dreams has been to live in a small cottage somewhere on the countryside or somewhere abit out of the city, beside a small forest, on a windy moor, by the ocean or a small river. I'm originally from the countryside, and if it weren't for lack of school opportunities I would still be there. If I could, I would live in The Shire with all the Hobbits, but because that is not an option, I could see myself in a cottage somewhere in Britain, with lots of books, a few cats and a tiny vegetable garden.

(pictures from weheartit and home-designing. If you want any of these removed, please let me know)


Luna D said...

Absolutely wonderful pic's my dear! My dream is the old English brickstone cottage - with a little garden with old English roses, a vegetable garden... sigh... Maybe some day!

Pandora said...

Yes, maybe some day! It is one my biggest dreams. It sounds so lovely!

Øyvind said...

having a place like that must feel like your in a fairytale all the time. I would also love to live in a place like that.

Pandora said...

Lets move!

Naviana said...

SÅ koselige bilder :) Har vel sett de fleste før, men alltid fint å se flere som deler de samme drømmene <3

Pandora said...

Slike hytter kan sees uendelige ganger <3 hyggelig at du stakk innom her, Naviana

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