Movie Costumes

Captain Cheesy (2011)

Costume designer: Anna B. Sheppard

Captain America is one of the cheesiest, corniest and most cliché movies I've seen in a long while. It was banally patriotic and it had no development, no suspense, one silly villain and characters you couldn't care less about. It was funny at times, but mostly unvoluntarily. Oh, this is getting abit out of hand. The negatives of this movie is not really the subject of this entry. It was one thing the movie did right: the costumes. It seems like Sheppard is fond of putting uniforms and red dresses on pretty women (she made the costumes for Inglorious Basterds), and doesn't it look grand? The second world war is really Sheppards forte, and she has made the costumes for movies and series like The Pianist, Band of Brothers and Schindlers List.

(pictures from imdb)

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