TV Costumes

Upstairs Downstairs
Costume designer: Amy Roberts

I don't know if any of you have seen this series, but I can highly recommend it (especially if you liked Downton Abbey). Preceded by the five seasoned series from the 70s about the large Edwardian townhouse in 165 Eaton Place and the family and servants that lived there from 1903 - 1930, this series starts in 1936, when a young couple buys the old house and hires new (and old) staff. The purpose of this post is to show you the wonderfull costumes of the series. It was designed by Amy Roberts, a designer that I am not very acquainted with (beside seeing her costumes in the tv mini-series The Virgin Queen and the 2009 version of Wuthering Heights). It seems like period design is her forté, and here we have the 30s fashion in perfection: long siluets with slinky evening dresses, expencive material like satin, fur and chiffon. We even get to see horrible (but still beautifully aesthetic) fascist uniforms. I love the constrast between the "upstairs" and "downstairs", and the more exotic and eccentric look of Lady Maud Holland. I would also recommend you to take a closer look at the beautiful set decoration by Julia Castle.
(I will post some stills in another entry)

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