Dublin buys

A few days too late, but that's how it is when you spend the entire day reading for school. This time I bought a few tops, because I wear the same high wasted shorts and skirts alot, so it's nice to have few tops to mix it up abit. I also like to buy a little thing from each place I've been, so I bought a few souvenirs from the museums we went to. Excuse the terrible pictures.

Dress from Laudry Room

Three tops and one sweater from Topshop

Two tops and a ring from Forever21

Necklace bought in the Museum of Archeology (can't remember the brand)

Calligraphy set and a mirror bought in the Trinity College Library (can't remember the brand)


Nilenna said...

Er du i Dublin? :) Fine innkjøp du hadde gjort deg! ^^

Ashley B. said...

What lovely souvenirs! Is that the "rose" tinted lip balm? I absolutely swear by that when it's a day off from lipstick!

Pandora said...

Nei, jeg har kommet hjem nå. Var der i helgen :)

Ashley B:
Yes, it is. I hardly wear lipstick to school and work, so this is perfect!

Dial V for Vintage said...

Great finds! I love the black tops with the white collar from Topshop... they're so cute, I think I'll have to take a look at the Topshop webshop ;).

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