It is the second day of Advent, and it could not feel less like winter. The sun is shining, the wind has stopped shaking all the trees, and it feels alot more like spring than anything else. The sweet and creative Nilenna has desided to bring some christmas spirit into our lifes, and with her magic book she will each day pick a person to win one of her lovely gifts. I had planned to introduce one christmas movie each day as a small advent calendar on this blog, but since I'm busy with school and work (as usual) this has to wait until another year. Instead, I would like to join in on somebody elses calendar instead. Maybe it will feel abit more like christmas?

(click on the picture to visit the lovely Nilenna and to read about her calendar)


just tututiny said...

You are so beautiful my dear!

I am back from hiberation with a giveaway, I hope you will stop by ;)

Luna said...

Takk for at du følger meg <3 Og takk for sist! :)

Nilenna said...

Ville bare si at du vant pakke nummer 24! :D Jeg trakk de tre siste nå. Vil gjerne få sendt pakkene så fort som mulig, så kunne jeg fått adressen din? Sende den på mail? Eller i en kommentar (sletter den før noen får se den). :)

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