"Rehabilitation Program"

So, I’ve been thinking; why do I, and so many others, have to expose ourself so much on the internet and various profile pages? I think its odd how much we write about ourselves and how much we want people to know about us. Why do we do it? For me I think it goes hand in hand with my need of writing lists. “What do I like?” “What kind of music do I listen to?” “What am I looking forward to?” “Who am I?”. But why don’t I keep it all to myself? And why do I write those lists anyway? Am I afraid of forgetting who I am and what I like? First of all I think its highly unlikely that I would ever forget myself, and secondly I dont think people actually would know who I am and get to know me by just reading those profil texts and lists. At least they will get an idea of who I am (even though its highly superficial). In the end I think lists make us all organise the chaos in our everyday life, and to me honest; I think its fun!

Anyway; I’ve had several profile texts laying around on the net and to be honest, I’m getting pretty sick of it. Still, I’m kind of addicted to it. So what to do? First of all I will go through a “rehabilitation program” (oh yes, its that serious) and start deleting more and more profile pages, and in the end I will keep all the chaos in here, in La Boîte de Pandoras, Pandoras box, MY box. Its still on the net, but its a start.

..and maybe one day when I get a memory loss, I will get an idea of who I am.


Ida-Anette said...

Veldig enig med det du skriver her. Der er vi like:) Elsker lister.

Pandora said...

Ja, lister er gøy:)

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