...and then the winter is here

As the wheel of days turns into darkness,
it reveals the light and hope of spring

I do like the winter and christmas, I promise, but some part of me will always look forward to spring. The Christmas time is best spent inside looking out at the white snow that lights up the dark winter, with warm chocolate, something good to read and some nice music (I recommend the christmas albums of Loreena McKenitt, if you prefer the more traditional celitc sound). This year I will probably spend all my time working, but the rest of the time I will try to get myself into that good old christmas spirit. I'm planning on making christmas bonbons, and I have already started making the christmas cards. What are your plans for the christmas? and do you have some good tips that will make me all warm of that good christmas feeling?


Belowen said...

I'm very lucky in that spring and summer and christmas are all linked together - you should move to Australia honey! :P

s said...

utrolig vakker blogg! jeg gleder meg til å lese mer fra deg :)

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