...Breathe life into this feeble heart

No other music has touched my the same way as celtic or celtic inspired music has. No other music makes me dream the sweetest of dreams, makes me wanna go and live in far off places, makes me wanna dance around the fires at Beltane, makes me wanna cry, laugh, draw, write, read, and makes me wanne play some foreign musical instrument, the same way as this kind of music. It lightens my heart a little, when I get the chance to play this kind of music in the record store I work in, and lightens my heart even more when some people want to buy it. If you don't feel a thing while listening to it, I feel abit sorry for you, but not because I don't understand different music tastes, only because you really miss a magical journey to a almost forgotten history and to far off places.

It all began when I started to listen to alot of different moviescores around the time the Lord of the Rings movies came to the cinema. It soon opened my eyes to celtic music, and I started it all by buying the Celtic Cirle cd's. From that time on, the celtic music has been a part of me ever since. You can't really talk about this kind of music without mentioning Lorrena McKennitt. So the rest of this entry I will dedicate to some good McKennitt songs. Even if this is not your cup of tea, I still recommend you take a look and also listen to the amazing stories.
[most of these videoes are taken from her live dvd "Nights from the Alhambra"]

Stolen Child [words by W.B.Yeats]

Huron "Beltane" the Fire Dance

Old Ways

Cymbeline [words by William Shakespeare]

The Bonny Swans [words traditional]

Dickens Dublin


The Highwayman [words by Alfred Noyes]

Dante's Prayer

Penelope's Song

Lullaby [words by William Blake]

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Serena said...

har ikke planer om å hyle på kino. det var bare et lite øybelikk av påvirkning av de rundt meg. ;p var faktisk ganske artig.

har ikke store forhåpninger til filmen selv, og ja, Robert Pattinson er den man kommer for å se på ^^

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