Teenage girls and low expectations

Ok, I know I can't really expect much more when I'm seeing a filmmake of one of todays highest teenage phenomenon. (No, I'm not talking about High School Musical, but Twilight). Believe me, I find the books intresting (enough), but there are just something pretty off about it all. Could be all the teenage fans that makes the book all embarresing to read, or it could be something else. I don't know. The books are entertaining, but I have to admit that I have read better books. The language is abit dull and the story is full of cliche's. It almost seems like everything has to happen all at once. Still it's nice to read these kinds of books once in a while.
Anyway, back to the film. I can't really say much more about it, than that it was abit akward and abit embarresing. It doesn't really help when you have giggling teenage girls behind you that comments and "awws" on everything. Anyway, if you want the best experience with this phenomenon, I recommend you stick to the books.

So, back to something better. I recommend you take a look at the Flight of the Conchords (mind, if you like pointless humour).
I have had these songs on my head in a week or so:

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