Christmas time will soon be over, christmas time will soon be over..

That sounded abit wrong, but it's true, is it not? The christmas always finishes as soon as it starts. Thats how it feels anyway. Today I went to the Old Town/Fortified Town of Fredrikstad with my family. It has to be the most beautifull place around here. Almost the only place we can be proud of. Its nice and cozy and has all of these wonderfull small stores. I almost finished all my christmas shopping today, and it feels nice. Now I only have to wrap it all in (bought some pretty white wrappingpaper and some red string the other day). Yesterday, I also finished making all the christmas cards, so if you are one of my closest, you will porbably expect a card pretty soon. The only thing that I have to do before I can say that I am all finished, is that I have to make christmas bonbons. I bought myself this set with all the things I need to make christmas bonbons with all kinds of flavours and colors, Yum!

Today I'm gonna spend one of my (almost only) days off by reading and drinking some lovely tea.

I will also have to show you this wonderfull furniture I bought last time I was in the Fortified Town. Its my first "real" furniture and I am already planning on how to decorate my future appartment. It's an antique(ish) makeup table/bodouir table

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