a new era - a fresh start

I honestly didn’t think that I would get a fresh start at the age of almost 20. Turning 20 (or 18, or 19) haven’t meant a lot to me, because I still want to be a kid (no problems, no responsibilities, right?). Anyway, at the age of (almost) 20, I find myself going into a new era, with a fresh start. I’ve had a pretty much tough year and my teenage years have been somewhat shaky, but as the months have gone by I have felt that I’m leaving those years behind me and all the little puzzle pieces are falling into place. I’ve pretty much becomed the person I was when I were a kid, (with abit more wisdom and a lot more responsibilities) which actually feels great!

So these are the puzzle pieces that are falling into place:

4 days left at work:
I’ve had a wonderful time working at Platekompaniet, and I’ve got to know a bunch of lovely people, but it comes a time when its time to move on. I’m leaving town so I have to leave this job as well, but I hope that I get the chance to keep working for these people in the future somehow. Anyway, I’m leaving work abit earlier to do some things for myself. To get the time to travel, read lots of books, watch gorgeous old movies, sit up all night drawing and writing silly stories that fills my head, and just to be ME for a while without thinking about duties and responsibilities.

New city, new apartment:
I’ve had best of luck and have found three sweet people that have said yes to share an apartment with me in Oslo. So now comes the real time to start being an adult and I will have to pay my own bills, wash my own clothes, make my own dinner and do all those things I have pretty much taken for granted. It does feel nice to finally start on all this. And I can’t wait to start packing all my stuff and by new furniture for my room.

In a two weeks time, Christina and I will be in Paris. This is a trip I’ve been dreaming of for a long long time, and the day is soon here. We will shop pretty things in lots of second hand stores, see beautiful places like Versailles, pretend that we are Amelie, drink tea/coffee at small Parisian café’s and simply enjoying life for a while…. Paris, je t'aime

After one year off school, I’m finally starting school in August. The plan is to start studying literature, and the truth is that I’m actually looking forward to start reading and studying again.

Good friends:
Friends are always there, but these days I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to have such good friends (both new and old). You know who you are, and you all makes life so much better and so much more fun. Thank you!

A “love interest”:
Yes, you heard me. Anyway; this is pretty much the only thing I’m gonna write about this, but you know who you are, and you do make me happy.

I do know that some days will come with a few obstacles and some bad news, but I feel strong and fit enough to handle them. Maybe I’m starting to grow up?


Øyvind said...

I'm so glad things are sorting out for you Malin! yay yay! It did hurt me to see that a so good human like you were going trough a bad period. but now days, I get happy just watching you! :).

Ida-Anette said...

This makes me so happy! Can't wait to see you:)I'm hoping for a day as tourists in Oslo together.

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