red hair and freckles.

I talked with my sister the other day, and she said that she would love to have Christina Hendricks' haircolor, but she thought that it would look weird with her amount of freckles. So this is kind of an entry to prove that red hair and freckles are lovely, and that there are some celebrities out there who are a true inspiration when it comes to this look. Ok, many of them don't have the kind of redness in their haircolor like Hendricks, but I think they would look just as good with it as she does.
It seems like red hair and freckles are something alot of people have been made fun of, which I dont get... Ok ok, I admit it: I made fun of my sister for her freckles when I was little, but karma got back at me. Nowadays I would kill for some freckles and some nice looking red hair, and I would gladly trade my weird dimples for some freckles anyday!

and some other nice freckles:


Kinjen said...

Rødt hår og fregner er noe av det fineste jeg vet! Skulle gjerne hatt det :) Og for å overbevise søsteren din enda mer, kan du kjøpe det siste Lula Magazine til henne - hele dette nummeret handler om rødt hår ;)

Pandora said...

Oh, takk for tipset. Det skal jeg ta å sjekke ut :)

Ida-Anette said...

Takk Malin, du er søt du:)

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