A Decade of Music: 2000


(in alphabetical order)

Black Market Music
Full of angst, bitter love, depression and all those feelings that Placebo is a master at portraying, its has be the favourite band of lots of teenagers, as well as my favourite as a youngster. Not my favourite album of theirs, but it still gets played a lot. Oh, sweet nostalgia!
Listen to: Taste in Men, Passive Agressive, Blue American, Slave to the Wage and Special K

"I read a book about the self
said I should get expensive help
Go fix my head
create some wealth
put my neurosis on a shelf"

Clear Hearts Grey Flowers
Jack off Jill
Another addition to my teenage years. This is anger, bitchiness and neurosis at it's best, and it's catchy as hell. Jessica can scream her (and your) heart out!
Listen to: Fear of Dying, Nazi Halo, Strawberry Gashes, Vivica and Cinnamon Spider

"Fuck your opinions
fuck your lack of spine
When you are miserable
know that I'm just fine"

Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard
One of my all time favorite soundtracks. Its stunning, heartbreaking and it takes you right into the movie. Not diffcult to hear that it's a Zimmer composition, but it also got a more ancient celtic feel to it.

Listen to: Earth, Sorrow, To Zucchabar, Elysium and Honor Him

"Anol shalom A
nol sheh lay konnud de ne um"

Holy Wood
Marilyn Manson

Back in the times when Marilyn Manson could do his job he made this album, which has to be his best (thanks to John 5 and Twiggy.) This was the last album he made, without making a fool of himself.

Listen to: GodEatGod, Disposable Teens, Target Audience, The Nobodies and Coma Black

"Dear God if you were alive
You know we'd kill you"

Mother Earth
Within Teptation
Not really my kind of music and I'm not sure how I came across this, but I remember that it was one of the most played albums when I was younger (when I had my fantasy and LOTR period.) It still brings back the nostalgia.
Listen to: Mother Earth, Ice Queen, Our Farewell, The Promise and Never-Ending Story
The earth is our mother

she gives and she takes
She puts us to sleep

In her light we'll awake"

Mer de Noms
A Perfect Cirlce
I've got a hard time choosing my favorite APC album, but I think this has to be it. Thank god Maynard took some time to be a part of this band.
Listen to: The Hollow, Rose, Judith, Three Libras and Brena

"Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointet
and passed over

when I've looked right through

to see you naked and oblivious"

Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
Blonde Redhead

Not my favorite album of theirs, but it's pretty close. How I love their special and (kind of) weird sound. Kazy Makinos voice is unperfect and perfect at the same time.

Listen to: In Particular, Hated Because of great Qualities, Loved Despite of Great Faults, This is Nor and A Cure

"Secret so sorry that I forgot

Secret secret we're all bound to forget"

Marshall Mathers LP, the
This is actually the only album on the 2000-list that I used to listen to when it was released (all the other albums I discovered later). My favorite artist when I was 11. Oh, good times.

Listen to
: Kill You, Stan, The Way I Am, Amityville and Kim

"That's why we don't call it Detroit, we call it Amityville
You can get capped after just having a cavity filled"

I'm not a big fan of Coldplay, but there is no doubt that they have made some of the best popsongs of this decade. Not bad at all.
Listen to: Don't Panic, Spies, Shiver, Yellow and Trouble

"I awake to find no peace of mind
I said how do you live
as a fugitive?"

Requiem for a Dream
Clint Mansell
It fits the movie perfectly; scary and neurotic to the bone. It gives me the creeps at times.
Perfectly parted into summer, fall and winter tunes.

Listen to: Summer - Summer Overtune, Summer - Crimin' and Dealin', Summer - Ghosts of things to come, Fall - Bugs Got a Devilish Grin Conga and Winter - The Beginning of the End


Nadia Caroline said...

Åååh her var det mye jeg også hørte på! Supernostalgisk. Holy Wood er et fantastisk album, Target Audience er muligens favorittsangen min av Manson. Ellers er jeg mer fan av 13th Step-skiva til APC, og Requiem-albumet... Får fysisk vondt i hjertet mitt! Fy søren for en stemning. Definitiv noe jeg setter på når jeg trenger å virkelig få ut vonde følelser.

supermarie said...

ÅH mye fint. Husker jeg elsket within temptation en stund. og placebo er så herlig! OG eminem digget jeg. Haha. Så mye bra.

Åh gud, det er en forbannelse over kjæreste-soverom. Det jævla skapet som tar klærne mine er også på rommet til kjæresten.... HATER DET.

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