20 min shopping spree

I wanted something new today, so I went on a short shopping spree at Grünerløkka. I've lived here for a year, but still I rarely go out to buy anything other than food. It's a shame though, because there are some great stores around here. So this is what I bought (all from Los Lobos):

Tara Starlet shorts
I bought this in blue in London half a year ago,
and it has become one of my faavorites.

Tara Starlet sweater
I love the square neck!

Layrite pomade


Anonymous said...

Wonderful shopping <3 So you have bought that pomade too? Tell us if it's as good as they promise ;)

Pandora said...

I used it abit in the front today to make faux bangs, and it worked really well :) It doesn't feel to sticky either, and is easy to wash out. Pretty good so far :)

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