Movie Classics

Follow the Fleet (1936)
Runtime: 110min
Director: Mark Sandrich
Actors: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers,
Randolph Scott, Harriet Hillard

Follow the fleet is a musical about two sailors, two sisters, lots of love, humour and abit of dancing and singing. The sailors Bake Baker (Astaire) and Bilge Smith (Scott) has just arrived with their fleet in San Francisco. Bake tries to win back his old flame and dancing partner Sherry Martin (Rogers) and Bilge starts a romance with her sister Connie (Hillard).

This movie has become one of my favorites. It's witty, romantic and clever, and the chemistry between Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire is marvelous. They are great singers and dancers, has the most amazing body language and face expressions, and the best part is: they feel so real and likable. Fred Astaire may not be the most handsome of actors, but he has more charm than anyone else I can think of. Even though Rogers and Astaire steal the show, there are also some great performances by Randolph Scott and Harriet Hillard (and a tiny performance by Batty Grable as one of the singers).

The movie consists of some of the most wonderfull dance numbers and song performances in a movie classic. Songs like "We Saw the Sea", "Let Yourself Go", "I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket" and "Let's Face the Music and Dance" has been stuck on my head since the first time I saw the movie. This will always be one of my favorite movies, and Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire will always be my favorite onscreen couple!

We joined the navy to see the girls.
And what did we see?
We saw the sea


Anonymous said...

Sweetest Pandora, a big hug and thank you for your latest sweet comment! I truly appreciate it!

I see that I have som catching up to do here - wish I had tons of time <3

g1m said...

I haven't seen that film before, it sounds lovely though. I really like the advertisement for it too! I love old ads from the 20's - 60's, that style is so cool, I want to incorporate it into my art sometime :)

Pandora said...

You should, and I would love to see that! :) I love old advertisement and posters as well

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