Buys of today:

I went wild on etsy and ebay today:

A faux fur hat from the 60's (FKellerman)

Creme colored pilot blouse from the 50's (RegalBeagleVintage)

Black snood (poohktt)

Black and white spectator heels (adVintagous)

Pink and white shirtwaist dress from the late 50's (WearingHistory)

I alo recieved these two lovely bows by Martotepia
(pictures are also by her).
She is sewing so many lovely bows for her project "Sløyfekjærleik"


Eirin said...

Oh, you lucky gal! I also have to get me a snood, and the net is the place to get it. I guess. I haven´t seen it in any local shops...

Looooove the hat and the dress too!!! And the shoes... well everything!

Pandora said...

No, I haven't seen it in any shops either. There are lots of them on ebay though. Very cheap and in lots of different colors : )

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