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The Lady Eve (1941)
Runtime: 94 min

Director: Preston Sturges

Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Fonda,
William Demarest and Charles Coburn

The rich and naive snake expert Charles Pike (Henry Fonda) meets the stunning Jean Harrington (Barbara Stanwyck) and her father (Charles Coburn) on a cruise ship. What Pike doesn't know is that they are two well-known con-artists that are planning to take his fortune in a card game. The plan falls apart when they fall in love and Pike's valet Muggsy (William Demarest) discovers the truth about Jean. Pike breaks the relationship off, but that doesn't mean that Jean is done with him. She disguise herself as the Lady Eve, and causes alot of trouble for the poor confused man.

This is the definition of a screwball comedy, and one of the funniest movies I've seen for some time. It has those typical comedy elements that you would role your eyes at in modern movies, but it fits perfectly into this one. Barbara Stanwyck must be one of the most beautifull and sexiest women on screen (just take one look at her in Double Idemnity), and plays her part so well. Henry Ford is the perfect comedian with his naive, clumsy and confused personality. Another cast member worth mentioning is William Demarest as Mugsy, who has some funny and perfectly timed lines roles up his sleeves. All in all a lighthearted movie, with a perfect cast and a wonderful setting (and costumes).

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Dial V for Vintage said...

I watched this movie a couple of days ago, what a coincidence! I really enjoyed it, I just love screwball comedies! Henry Fonda is so cute in his role, he made me laugh several times with his clumsiness. :)

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